Maui Organics Upcountry Plumeria Loofah Soap 5 Oz


Upcountry Plumeria use this soap to bathe or shower to soak up the sweet sassiness of Plumeria, with just a touch of Pikake


Island Essence soaps naturally and gently cleanse your skin. Handcrafted in our little factory on Maui, our soaps are made with love and Aloha. We hand-pour this fragrant soap over natural loofah for a beautiful soap with naturally exfoliating properties
     The Loofah sponge is composed of slightly rough fibers that exfoliate your skin.  Using a loofah eliminates dead cells that will give you smooth, youthful, and glowing skin
       List of Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Natural Loofah, Fragrance Oil, Essential Oil (sourced in Hawaii), FDA Color