Island Essence Lokelani Rose Natural Organic Body Lotion 8.5 Oz


    Vintage Lokelani Rose Lotion is made with Maui Islands Official Flower and is a Delicious Scent of the Petals. The Hawaiian Rose Flower is an Exotic Scent that Captivates and Leaves your skin Velvety Soft and Hydrated   

   Silky Smooth Lotion moisturizes with a light and soothing formula that leaves the skin soft and hydrated. Superior quality ingredients include botanical and organic natural oils and extracts and contains no parabens. Our lotion absorbs quickly yet the velvety softness lasts and lasts. Bask in the scents of Hawaii as you nurture your skin.

The Island Essence Vintage line of bath and beauty products was created featuring the iconic artwork of the artist Gil. Gil’s graceful artwork and the beautifully fragrant Vintage line celebrate the romance and nostalgia of a bygone era.  All Vintage fragrances highlight the true paradise of earlier Hawaiian days, when life was slow and easy, swaying with the breeze like the exotic palm trees